For Customers

Get Multiple options for design with 3D modeling and choose the best which you like most. The design is executed using professional project managers so that timeline and quality is controlled. Actual execution is by carpenters who are motivated to provide you best execution in a timely manner. Sleek Arrow would provide you totally transparent process with visibility into cost, timeline and quality.

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For Designers

Design from comfort of your home, you get paid for each design you submit and also for each design that gets selected. You work only when you want to and also do not need to get dragged too much into execution. You get feedback from client in an agile manner to make your designs perfect.

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For Project Managers/Carpenters

You get to work on best designs and get paid the best as you decide your own work and your own charge. SleekArrow would also organize professional courses so  that you could hone your craft and be proud of your work.

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